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M & M Cabinets can help guide you in your selection of wood finish. The wood finish plays an important part of the final product.

  1. It can enhance the wood's natural beauty, color, figure patterns, grain, and depth

  2. It can protect the wood from scratches, dirt, stains, and wear

  3. It can preserve the wood from water, oxidation, and the sun's ultraviolet rays

  4. It can totally change the wood's appearance by adding color and hiding nature's defects

We provide your custom cabinetry in any finish you want that matches your selected décor. To help guide you:

  • The basic undercoat finishes are natural, stressed, stained, glazed, and painted

  • The overcoat lacquer finish options are clear, flat, satin, and semi-gloss

Any and all colors are available.

To help in the selection process, we have put together wood samples showing the different finishes for comparison. You can also visit our showroom and ask to see these samples to help you in your selection process.

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